Troubleshooting - Inverter Generators

Troubleshooting - Utility Generators

Fault Cause Action

The unit will not start


No fuel

Fill the fuel tank with petrol

The fuel valve is not turned on

Turn the fuel valve to ON

The fuel valve is blocked

Clean the fuel bowl (refer to owner’s manual)

No engine oil or the engine oil level is low

Add oil

The engine switch is turned off

Turn the switch to the ON position

The spark plug fails

Clean or replace the spark plug (refer to owner’s manual)

There is no power output

The circuit breaker is in the OFF position

Turn the circuit breaker to the ON position

The plug is poorly contacted

Remove and refit the plug of the item

The unit shudders during operation

The choke lever position is incorrect

Move the choke lever to the OPEN position during operation

The unit emits white smoke

The temperature of the engine is too high, maybe overloaded    

Let the engine run without load for more than 10 minutes

The fuel is contaminated

Use fresh clean fuel

The unit emits black smoke

The air filter is dirty

Clean the filter element of the air filter

The load is too heavy

Reduce load to the rated limit

The unit emits blue smoke

The engine oil is overfilled

Drain oil to correct level

The engine oil type is incorrect

Choose appropriate engine oil model (refer owner’s manual)

The power decreases


The spark plug fails

Clean or replace the spark plug (refer to owner’s manual)

The valve clearance are out of adjustment

Adjust the valve clearance (refer to owner’s manual)